About Jiyu Software

Jiyu (じゆう) means freedom.

Jiyu Software is a free software business specialized in web development based in the Netherlands.

I build 100% free as in freedom websites and web applications with over 8 years of professional software development experience.

This is the place to be if you’re looking for someone who can do:

  • Websites
  • Web applications
  • Back-end development (PHP, Laravel)
  • Front-end development (JavaScript, VueJS, React)
  • APIs and integrations
  • Graphical design

You can hire me for your next project! For CV, rates, past work, references and other inquiries please contact me.

About me

Art by Lyrilith

Name: Ricardo

Born: 1996

Gender: Male (he/him)

Education: BAppSc ICT Software Engineering;
Minor Communication, Multimedia and Design,
Certified Laravel Developer

Hobbies and interests: Programming, cars and motorsport, LEGO and gaming.