The benefits of free software for your organisation


Free software is software that gives you the freedom to modify, study, share and redistribute. I believe free software is only ethical way of issuing software, so Jiyu Software is a company that uses, recommends and provides free software solutions exclusively.

Using free software solutions in your organisation has many benefits, like:

  • All free software has unrestricted commercial use.
  • Full control over your own and your customer’s data.
  • You will never be stuck inside a proprietary “ecosystem”.
  • No restrictive user licenses.
  • No expensive arbitrary monthly or yearly fees.
  • Usage of open standards to improve interoparability.
  • No restrictions on extensibility.
  • Your software can be supported until it is no longer relevant, not when the creator decides it is no longer profitable.
  • You’re free hire anyone to maintain and modify your software without requiring permission from the publisher.

If you’re part of an organisation that needs a new website or webapplication software and want to enjoy the benefits of free software, you’ve come to the right place.