Pestpectief is a VR learning platform for teachers about bullying. With this platform, teachers learn how to effectively address bullying behavior in the classroom using virtual reality. This learning platform is used as educational material in various vocational and teacher training programs in the Netherlands.

With a VR headset on, the teacher immerses themselves in a 360-degree video where they stand in front of the classroom. During the training, the teacher needs to observe bullying behavior in this virtual classroom, point it out using the controller, and indicate how they would respond to it in real life.

Subsequently, the teachers complete assignments on the website that are based on their VR session. These assignments are done in groups and are discussed collaboratively.

View of the teacher in VR

Pestpectief at Jiyu Software

Pestpectief has been a client of Jiyu Software since 2018. Jiyu Software has developed the online platform for Pestpectief using Laravel, working closely with the Pestpectief team, who developed the VR application.

The VR application connects with the Pestpectief online platform. Teachers are provided with an account to log in to the VR application, which tracks their progress in the VR experience and saves their online assignments on the website.

All data exchange between the VR application and the platform is handled through a REST API.

Online platform

After the VR session, participating teachers access the online platform using a tablet or laptop to work together on assignments related to their session and engage in discussions. Click on the images below to see screenshots of the platform in action.

The code for this project is publicly available on Sourcehut.